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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  January 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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i'll let you know when we completely clear out coming up in a few minutes in that full forecast. right now i want to send it over to road warrior hilary zalla. what are the hot spots out there? >> we have a hot spot in pasco county just reported. a patrol car crash. a crash involving a police car on southbound i-75 after state road 52. another live look from our sky 10 network camera. this is i-4. a big hot spot is the fog we are dealing with at state road 33. coming up in ten minutes we'll look at the fog on our bridges and i'll let you drive times, as well. good thursday morning. welcome to 10 news this morning. i'm allison kropff. >> i'm ian reitz. thank you for joining us.
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tell us they are investigating a home invasion where a 16-year- old girl was shot. it happened at 1:00 a.m. this morning in holiday. three men broke into the home. at some point during the chaos someone living in the house accidentally shot the 16-year- old. suspects took off. right now deputies are on the scene searching for those individuals. we don't know yet how the girl is doing. we are checking on her condition. we have a crew headed to the scene. we'll bring you live updates as soon as we get them. as we head into tonight's gop debate questions remain about what will happen without the parties front runner. donald trump is skipping out on the ohio debate. he'll host an event for wounded veterans. fox news host bill o'reilley pushed trump to consider to participated. trump refused.
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his image doing things by his rules. >> he is different. powerful and rules the universe. that's what he wants the voters to be thinking about as they go to the polls. >> trump's closest competitor ted cruz is trying to hold him accountable for sitting out. he is challenging trump to a one-on-one weekend in iowa. an apartment fire in tampa left several people without a home. we don't know yet what caused the fire. could hillary clinton be indicted over her e-mail scandal. tom delay says it is a good possibilities. if the department of justice does not hand down an indictment the fbi would like to go after her. if indicted a federal grand jury would be needed to bring charges.
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recovering in the hospital after being shot in the leg. he attempted to pull over a man who was speeding. chased him ten minutes until the suspect got out of the truck opening fire on the officer. the officer fired back hitting him. he later died at the hospital. deputies in southern california believe more arrest will come today in connection to the innate what is escaped a california jail. we are working around the clock to apprehend the escapees. we have more than 250 plus local and federal law enforcement personnel who are actively working this investigation. >> deputies think two of the three men who escaped are still in the southern california region. happening today a big announcement is set to take place in orlando.
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vote on a controversial topic medical marijuana. this issue will impact every single one of us. >> reporter: as people as home are watching this morning i want them to know they will not be surprised if the next time they are jogging along bay shore boulevard or if they are in the stands for gasparilla someone approaches them and wants help them to donate to a campaign for medical marijuana in florida. now that they have the amount of signatures they need in florida that means it goes to a vote in november. this campaign united for care wants to spend millions of dollars changing your mind if you don't like this idea. that means tv commercials, people cornering you outside of the grocery store and e-mail blasts. we want you to be educated about this issue. we'll show you both sides and talk to local moms who are pushing for this change.
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that story coming up. banket. three more occupiers of a federal wildlife refuge in oregon have been arrested. several cars left the occupied federal refuge in burns, oregon. they took eight people into custody as they left. five were released. a judge considers the leader and his followers a flight risk. the man charged with killing three people in a colorado springs planned parenthood clinic will undergo a mental competency exam. a judge ordered the exam after he said he wanted to fire his public defender and represent himself. 10 news is getting results this morning for our viewers concerned about this massive mound of garbage tarnishing loved one's graves. this morning waste management in sarasota plans to bring in equipment to fix this pile of recyclables.
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pointed out the problem. you can see it is bending the fence and in some areas breaking posts. some spots there are gaping hole where is the trash is falling on to graves. outraged loved ones reached out to 10 news for help. >> it is disgusting. people's families are getting covered with trash. >> it is unacceptable to us and to them. we'll rectify it and take care of it in the morning. >> waste management says it added more workers to get on top of the overload from holiday. this problem should have been caught by a perimeter check. if there is something you want us to check out e-mail us tips at today marks 30 years since the space shuttle challenger
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from taking off from cape all seven astronauts died mcauliffe. the accident head to a nearly shuttle program. people in broward county are cleaning up after a tornado did this. take a look at the damage. national weather service confirms a tornado touched down causing a tractor trailer rollover and damage to several condo buildings. getting hurt. >> people were running from the parking lot towards the building. cars were overturned and stacked on top of one another. >> by god's grace everything is fine. >> the tornado was 100 feet wide. florida is sending people in to help washington, d.c. hit hard by the historic blizzard. >> 15 of these yellow dump trucks are heading north. they have a message on the back that says love florida.
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31-degrees are going along to help clear out the snow. >> to give you an idea of what what they'll see. washington, d.c. got 18 million cubic tons of snow. that's enough to fill the washington monument 18 times. anybody's car who was stuck in parking spots they are paying. the city issued a million dollars worth of parking tickets. can you believe that? >> incredible. >> some of the tickets were for people parked in the street and haven't moved their cars out. others were folks who could not get their cars out. millions of people are going blind and they don't each know it. >> we'll tell you about one
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your bridge update for thursday morning. not looking too bad yet. howard frankland bridge is foggy. be careful. no significant delays into tampa. drive time of six minutes at kennedy boulevard. looking at the sunshine skyway bridge still some fog out there. posted. your drive time is 17 minutes speeds 65 miles per hour. >> still tracking patchy fog out there. seeing more rain become our focus here's specially in and southern pinellas county seeing rain moving through pinellas into south tampa. as we look ahead to tomorrow,
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we'll see temperatures back in the 60s. not cooling down a lot. feeling much drier. we are warming up nicely for gasparilla on saturday. i'll be back with a check of your forecast coming up in -- ten minutes. pasco county deputies are searching for three men who broke into a home. during the home invasion someone living in the house accidently shot a 16-year-old girl. it happened on garfield drive. no word yet on how the girl is doing. we have a crew headed in that direction. we'll have an update on 10 news this morning and our app. it is thursday january 28th. here's a look at headlines around the nation and the world in your 60 second scan. >> apparently magan kelly is
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and donald is a fragile soul. if she asks him mean questions, i mean his hair might stand on it. the republican presidential canidates minus donald trump are preparing for tonight's debate. it is the last gop debate before the iowa caucuses. this november florida voters will have a say in legal marijuana. the amendment will need 60% of the vote to pass. federal agents are making moves as they try to end the armed occupation of a federal wildlife refuge in oregon. several people were arrested as they tried to leave. it is unclear how many members are still in the refuge. here are a few other top stories. all sorority activities at duke university have been suspended
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hospital because of a alcohol- related issue. it happened during rush week when all sororities put members through hazing rituals. duke say they are working with chapter leaders to make sure it does not happen again. a homeless man has been arrested for starting a six- alarm fire in new orleans. a fire chief at the scene said the man has been charged with setting fires and crossing police lines. law enforcement said he was trying to stay warm. the fire ripped through an empty four-story building thursday morning. an assistant journalist has been suspended. the board is considering taking disciplinary actions. a new jersey boy is recovering in the hospital after a raccoon attacked him. he was walking with his mom to
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on his back and started biting him. the boy suffered severe cuts under his right eye. a man driving on the road near the boy saw what happened and hopped out of his car and helped get the raccoon off the boy. >> i imagined it was my son at that point in time. >> he jumped in to help. animal control has the animal. they'll find out if it has rabies over the next 48 hours. here's road warrior hilary zalla. >> there is an accident in manatee county on i-75 in bradenton. it looks like we have a lane or two blocked going west. you'll have to move over for police. look like e.m.s. is on scene, as well. i'm on top of an accident in pasco county. this involves a police car. not getting any reports of injuries. this is on southbound i-75 after state road 52 through wesley chapel approaching state road 54. between that long stretch of
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no lanes are blocked. live to our sky 10 network camera. good morning i-275 drivers in hillsborough county. you can see the roads are wet this morning. we are also dealing with fog in some areas. this is at busch boulevard. be careful. those two things can make for not so good morning commute. drive times still 15 minutes from the apex down to i-4. speaking of fog and i-4. it is getting better in lakeland. fhp has a travel advisory for you because of the fog. this is at state road 33. no significant delays. you have a 15 minute drive time from polk parkway to i-75. in pinellas county i want to let you know there is a delay on ulmerton road at roosevelt boulevard. speeds down to 26 miles per hour. your drive time west from i-275 to gulf boulevard is 21 minutes. that's a two minute delay. it will definitely pick up because we are about to get into the peek part of morning rush hour.
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something we have to watch out for during the morning commute. >> we are keeping a close eye on this one. it is light but roads are wet from the rain we had yesterday. couple that with the poor visibility from the fog and we could have troubles this morning. we are seeing that activity beginning to pick up as that is moving on shore. we'll see heavier batches through the next several hours. looking out now over wesley chapel toyota fog. there are very few areas where we are not seeing any fog. it is thickest along i-4 corridor. 63 bradenton. 65 tampa. heavy rain, as i mentioned, will be coming over the next couple hours. we start seeing more of that activity coming on shore between 7:00 and 8:00. from there we shift east of tampa bay between 9:00 and 10:00. we'll get a break in here before our last round of
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through during the early afternoon, midday hours. then we are still tracking rain. but it is not going to be as heavy. we'll see sprinkles, maybe a couple pockets where it is more on the moderate side before we taper off that activity during the overnight hours. with all this rain temperatures are stuck. where we are is what you'll see for the better part of the day with mid to upper 60s in the forecast followed by lower 60s this evening. once the sunsets temperatures will drop. there is a lot of moisture in the atmosphere so they'll drop slowly. one to two foot seas. moderate chop on the bay. overnight we get rid of the rain chances. tomorrow we'll be off to a nice, sunny start. after this system passes we work in cooler, drier air. not going to notice a huge difference in the temperatures. the sunshine will stick around for a couple days this time. for gasparilla on saturday we are looking fantastic.
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if that's not warm enough we keep on upping those numbers. by tuesday some communities flirting with 80 degrees and a slight chance of showers before more wide-spread rain chances make their way back into the forecast next wednesday. you can get 10 weather updates with our radio partners. medical marijuana could become legal in the state of florida. >> what the legalization means for our state. a popular fast food chain the latest victim in a major data breech. it is a foggy start to the morning. we are keeping an eye on this. we are on top of the fog. we'll check in with them after the break.
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good morning. 75 drivers in hillsborough county if you are coming from state road 56 to the selmon expressway it is taking you just 18 minutes. i also just noticed a slow down on i-4 approaching i-75 going west. i think you are seeing a one to two minute delay there. nothing too much to worry about. traffic definitely kicking up. sarasota from university parkway up to i-275 on i-75 it is taking you 13 minutes. i'll continue to get you drive times all morning long and make sure you get the backups with traffic every ten minutes. >> we are seeing light rain moving in the area. that will up in intensity as we head through the next couple of hours. showers falling around the bay area right now.
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towards safety harbor we are seeing the activity that slowly slides north. pockets of light rain are possible today. starting tomorrow a nice, sunny trend in the forecast. we'll talk about how long that lasts coming up. we are on top of breaking news in pasco county where deputies are investigating a home invasion. a 16-year-old girl was shot. >> it happened on garfield drive north of jackson drive in holiday at 1:00 a.m. during the chaos someone living in the home accidentally shot the girl. the suspect took off. deputies are searching for them. as we get details we'll get them for you on 10 news this morning and whether you have ten minutes or 30 you'll get everything you
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with us. you'll be able to decide if medical marijuana will be on the ballot this year in florida. >> it is a controversial issue. it will allow the campaign to start in favor of medicinal marijuana. 10 news will be there. we'll bring you the latest at an investigation is underway after a georgia state trooper was shot during a chase. >> he is in the hospital and expected to make a full recovery. it started when the trooper was chasing a man for speeding. suspect got out and started firing. officer shot back and injured him. he later died at the hospital. if you have been to a wendy's lately check your debit and credit card statements this morning. they are investigating reports of unusual activity on credit cards used at the restaurants. we don't know how big the breech may have been. a little over a week before superbowl 50. we are learning how san
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ahead of the big day. we are live in holiday on the breaking news where a girl
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mom! baby! i love that we're spending the weekend together. oh, i know! hey, why don't you turn off your phone and all your stuff? good idea. it's off. mom? oh, my internet is so slow when anyone else is using it. did you like want to dot something? i am doing something. need more bandwidth for all your devices? it's good to be back. switch to fios for 100 meg speed internet, tv and phone, now only 69.99 per month online for 1 year. switch to better. switch to fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v good morning. we are dealing with fog. want to give you a heads up. visibility in some spots down less than a mile, including in st. petersburg.
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seeing more rain coming on shore. this is going to pick up in intensity as we head through the morning. looking ahead to 10:00, notice not a big swing in our temperatures. still tracking heavy rain. i'll talk about when this finally comes to a close coming up. your forecast is never less than ten minutes away. we want to check the roadways. we send it over to road warrior hilary zalla. where are our hot spots? we have to have some with all this rain and fog. >> for sure. our first hot spot is in manatee county in bradenton. there is an accident on state road 70 headinged westbound. that's west of i-75. speeds down to 20 miles per hour. another hot spot in tampa on i- 275 is slow. you can see how wet the roads are. also dealing with a little bit of fog out there. give yourself extra time. we are slow heading into tampa. i'll have a look at those coming up in ten minutes. good morning. it is thursday january 28th. i'm allison kropff. >> i'm ian reitz.
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we are on top of breaking news in pasco county. 16-year-old girl was shot during a home invasion in holiday. this happened on garfield drive at 1:00 a.m. >> 10 news reporter emerald morrow is live at the scene just getting there. tell us what you know so far. >> reporter: we know it has been a very scary morning here on garfield drive. the girl that was shot was actually just 16 years old. we know it happened down this street over on the left-hand side of the street. as far as what we know, we know three suspects came into the home and as all of this was going on, someone who lived in girl. we still have lots of questions about this shooting. where are the suspects? what did they want? community? young girl doing? i am working on getting all of these answers for you. as soon as we have more bring you an update.
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for you in the next half hour. live in holiday emerald morrow 10 news. what you think about people using medical marijuana. that's a controversial topic heading this year to the polls. >> reporter: in 2014 this decision failed by a couple votes. lots of people expect this could have the ability to pass this years specially because they changed -- especially because they changed the language. this is the decision all people across florida will have to make it it will not make it okay for recreational marijuana
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this group worries children would get their hands on the drug. that's exactly what the other side is fighting for. i talked to two different moms. one from brandon. one from lithia. they both have children suffering from diseases. and they used cannabis to ease their children's suffering. even moving out of state to get their kids the help they need. >> our children deserve to have a quality of life at the same time we are trying to save their life. our zip code should not determine what is and isn't available to a sick, suffering or dying child or patient. >> reporter: another interesting thing, duke university recently looked into the economic impact if this passes in florida. what they found is it could range anywhere from $146 to $285 million in tax revenue. we are going to stay on top of this story. it needs 60% to pass. today there is a big press
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we'll be there. live along bay shore boulevard 10 news wtsp. an investigation is underway this morning into law enforcement agencies all across the state of florida. it comes after the american civil liberties union released a new study finding 14 law enforcement ticketed african- american drivers for seat belt violations twice as much as white motorists. nearly 30% less were issued for white drivers in 2014. report states while studies show african-americans are slightly less likely to wear seat belts this did not explain the ticket difference. the florida house votes today to stop cities across the state from banning or regulating companies like uber or lyft.
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insurance requirements for drivers. however senate leaders are resisting attempts to block this legislation. we are hours a way from the gop presidential debate. the front runner is refusing to take part. donald trump's feud from fox news pushed trump away from the debate despite requests for him to take part. a lot of this has to do with the long-standing fight with magan kelly. trump tweeted this out. i refuse to call magan kelly a bimbo, instead i'll only call her a light weight reporter. after texas senator ted cruz challenged him to a one-on-one debate trump suggested trying to do it in canada. the other canidates are hoping to take advantage of trump's absence tonight. this is from a tornado.
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national weather service said an ef 1 tornado touched down three times throwing cars around. there were no injuries reported. today we are learning how the san francisco police department plans to keep people safe during the week leading up to the superbowl and during the superbowl. s.w.a.t. teams and police officers will be stationed on surrounding roof tops and through events. there will be s.w.a.t. team european-style on patrol. they'll have different style looking guns. this may surprise folks going into the game. >> it will be something in san francisco people have not seen in the past. >> you can expect boat patrols and bomb-sniffing dogs as that security beefs up. the police chief says his officers are working personally with the fbi to measure any type of potential threat.
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living with the idea disease glaucoma and they may not know it. the trucial -- troubling disease often goes under diagnosed. doctors warn it can occur at a young age. 40% of this 22-year-old's vision is already gone. >> juvenile glaucoma occurs in the younger age group where the internal drainage system in the eye doesn't work. that's pressure goes up and causes damage on the optic nerve. >> according to the national eye institute three million americans have glaucoma. that number is expected to 2030. a st. pete couple says that a st. pete police officer is their hero. he saved them after a man took off. >> wednesday afternoon they
6:31 am
on fifth avenue north. debbie pool had just picked up her husband at the hospital and they were having trouble with the credit card at the gas tank. a man walked up and offered to help them. when he did that he stole their credit cards. the officer who responded helped the couple cancel their cards and paid for them to fill up. i didn't have any money. he really helped us. >> they were going through a difficult time. she just picked her husband up from the hospital. the officer did what he said anybody would do. they are looking for information on this man. if you know or saw anything you are asked to call the st. pete police department. if you are looking to make plans for valentine's day a restaurant is giving you an your date. foggy start to the day as we kick off this thursday morning. a live look from i-4 and state road 33. around.
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and the rain moving in and your stop stories. we have this for you every ten minutes.
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we are getting slow across the bay. this is a live look from the howard frankland bridge. all the brake lights into pinellas and headlights into tampa. it is taking 7 minutes to cross now. that's a one minute delay.
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we are seeing on that on the courtney campbell causeway and the gandy bridge. sunshine skyway is slow. drive time is 18 minutes from i- 75 in manatee county up to pinellas park drive. after u.s. 19 getting on the bridge there is a delay. you are down to 51 miles per hour. leave early because fog and rain are a concern for morning rush hour. dealing with the fog and rain this morning. right now we are seeing heaviest rain moving out of pinellas county into northern hillsborough and southern pasco. back towards new port richey into zephyrhills. if you are traveling up i-75 towards dade city you are going to be seeing some rain. the plus side is that the rain has kept our pollen levels down. they'll be jumping right back up once again as we clear out tomorrow. we'll talk about how long a stretch it is coming up in a few minutes. you are never more than ten minutes a way from the forecast. we are on top of breaking news this morning out of pasco county. >> deputies are investigating a home invasion in holiday.
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north of jackson drive after 1:00 a.m. deputies say a man broke into a home. during all the chaos, someone living in that home accidentally shot a 16-year-old girl. you are looking live at the scene as investigators are check this out. we don't know anything about the girl's condition now. the suspect took off. they have still not been caught. we are working to get new information. as soon as we get it we'll bring it to you on a judge ordered a mental evaluation of a shooter at colorado springs planned parenthood. he wanted to fire his public defenders and represent himself. three people were killed november 27th. he's been charged with 179 counts. prosecutors say he is competent and shows he understands those charges. as that search for the three inmate what is escaped from a jail in southern california continues deputies
6:36 am
>> deputies say they have a connection to the escapees. the reward for the information on the arrest of the escapees is up to $200,000. the trio escaped six days ago. this is something we have been waiting for from facebook for a while. you are probably going to really like this. you'll be able to do more than like someone's post. after four months of testing outside of the united states ceo mark zuckerburg saids six emotions are being added soon. new symbols are angry, sad, wow! yay! and love. this is tested in chile, philippines, portugal, spain and columbia. if you want to read about it and check out the emotions search for allison kropff on facebook. i have that article posted. you can click on it and check out the emotions.
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a like doesn't necessarily convey how you are feeling about that post. this gives you a broad range of how you really want to tell that person how you feel about the post. go ahead and like my post and like the page. eventually a little bit more. valentine's day is coming up. we have a plan for you when it comes to romantic dinners. for the ninth year waffle house is offering a candle light meal for those who want to take their significant other out for a romantic meal but don't want to spend too much money. restaurant is take reservations for the february 14th event. it is dubbed a waffle house love story. back over to hilary zalla. >> heavy delays on i-4 going west after you go through plant city. you'll encounter these delays. drive time is up to 30 minutes from polk parkway up to i-75. live to our sky 10 network
6:38 am
we are dealing with. there is no accident reported. this i-4 at mcintosh road. the right-hand side is where you are seeing westbound lanes. this is most likely because of fog and wet roads. people taking it slower than they normally would. give yourself extra five minutes if you can so you are not late to work if you have to get on i-4. i'm on top of an accident in hillsborough county on u.s. 301. it is at causeway boulevard. the center lane is reportedly blocked. i'm not sure the direction. i was seeing some delays going south. those have since lifted. this may have been pulled over into the shoulder. i hope that's the case. if not we'll see heavy delays in the next couple minutes. drive times definitely slow on i-275 from apex down to i-4. wesley chapel into downtown tampa it is taking 25 minutes. slowest spots at fowler avenue.
6:39 am
drive time is 19 minutes from sun coast to the tampa airport. pinellas county roosevelt boulevard at ulmerton road slower speeds at 26 miles per hour. u.s. 19 approaching ulmerton going north you are delayed. sarasota county and manatee county no major issues. it is 20 minutes from university parkway to bonita road. >> we are tracking rain in sarasota county and manatee county getting heavy rain back in the mix. i want to zoom you in. we are seeing a heavy shower offshore. folks in sarasota you are about to see the rain picking up. that will travel over into lakewood ranch. venice seeing some of the heavier pockets. over the sunshine skyway that will pick up in the next 20 minutes. wesley chapel a little improvement in terms of the visibility. that fog starting to thin out a hair. it will be until 8:00 before we
6:40 am
improvements in terms of our visibility. plan on giving yourself a few extra minutes between the wet roadways and low visibility. 63 brooksville. 66 bradenton. 65 sarasota. i expect the temperatures to drop with the rain coming in at next check. 62 st. pete. 64 clearwater. as we expect when we have fog winds are light. that is not going to change much. except when we get stronger storms moving through this afternoon. stronger is relative. we are not going to see big, booming thunderstorms. some will have heavy downpours. maybe a couple rumble of thunder. cloud-to-ground lightning strikes a possibilities. not a guarantee with any of these given storms. between 8:00 and 8:30 we see the activity really picking up through the bay area. then shifting east between 9:00 and 10:00 of i-75. from there we have a last batch in the early afternoon in terms of the heavy rainfall. it will then only be pockets.
6:41 am
we are not going to be dry by any means. we'll see light showers and more sprinkles and drizzle as opposed to heavy rain at that point. overnight we start to wind things back on down. daytime highs in the upper 60s today. not a big difference from what we are seeing. then we will continue to warm things up as we head into the next couple of days. tomorrow a little on the chilly side. we'll get temperatures back in the 60s. gasparilla saturday looking fantastic. as we head into sunday temperatures looking even better. if that's not quite warm enough, we have temperatures near 80 degrees coming up on tuesday before our next system arrives on wednesday. as you are reading the morning paper check out our 10 weather forecast in the tampa bay times. in polk county grab your copy of the ledger. we are on top of breaking news from holiday this morning where a girl was shot during a home invasion. we have a crew on the scene gathering new details.
6:42 am
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drive time on i-4 west from polk parkway to i-75 in tampa is 30 minutes. the roads are wet. we are seeing fog. looking at the sunshine skyway you can see how bad the fog is there. we are going to see that rain fixing up for the sunshine skyway here shortly. starting to see more rain moving in. the heaviest right now moving from sarasota. let me put a tracker on that. sarasota 6:56. lakewood ranch 7:08. we have several more rounds to get through. we'll continue to track that through the rest of the morning. right now we are on top of the breaking story from pasco county where a 16-year-old girl was shot in a home invasion. this was in holiday. it happened about 1:00 a.m. this morning.
6:44 am
what do you know about the suspect? >> reporter: unfortunately the three suspects are still out on the streets. as you can see deputies are everything together. happened here. deputies say the three sus penalties -- suspects broke into the home. somehow the person living there old girl. we are trying to figure out how the girl is doing. these the most important thing. we need to know who and where these criminals are so deputies can get them off the streets and keep you safe. live in holiday emerald morrow 10 news wtsp. donald trump is refusing to attend tonight's gop debate in iowa amid a fight with fox news. he will be promoting a
6:45 am
place at the same time. voters will be faced with the issue of medicinal marijuana on the ballot this year. it is a hotly debated issue. there will be a news conference today in orlando to announce the start of the campaign to vote in favor of medical marijuana. 10 news will be there. we'll have an update this afternoon and on there is an 11-year-old basketball player from virginia who is getting national attention for his moves. >> meet noah cutler. watch this guy. look how fast he moves. he has the ball going down. >> lebron james look out. >> i like the hair cut, too. >> his dad posted this video on instagram and it went viral. the video game so popular golden state warriors invited him to california to meet a role model. >> steph curry. that's really cool. keep it up kid. you can go to the nba.
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thank you for joining us this morning.
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